Matthew 6:10

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


When you look at the Greek root of this word translated as “will”, you find that it means to want, wish, or desire. The meaning in Hebrew is similar: “to delight in, take pleasure in, desire, be pleased with”. This challenges our understanding of what God’s “will” means, because when we think of doing what He wants, that requires a close relationship and knowing His heart. The English translators of the day used the old English word “will” (from “willan”) because it used to mean: “to wish, desire, or want”. However, today the word “will” no longer means that at all. It is now defined as:

The capability of conscious choice and decision and intention, a fixed and persistent intent or purpose.

The mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action.

Diligent purposefulness; determination.

Resolution, compulsion, ability and even inevitability.


And so, when we think of “God’s will”, we tend to think of resolution, inevitability and a deliberate course of action. Although the Greek word meant what God wants or desires, when the Bible was first translated into English the word “want” wasn’t used as we use it today (it meant to be lacking something), so the word “want” as we know it is not found in old versions of the Bible and they used this word “will” instead.

Obviously there are correct uses of the word and every time you see “will” in the Bible it doesn’t mean “want”; I’m referring to two Greek words, thelo and thelema (the prolonged form of thelo). It seems that these two words were intended to mean “want” or “wish”, and many modern translations recognise this and now read quite differently as a result. They are not watering down the word, they are clarifying the meaning so that we understand what was originally intended. The Bible reveals to us that God can do anything He wants and have anything He wants, and yet He doesn’t force Himself or what He wants on mankind. God is not limited by anyone or anything except Himself.


From the garden of Eden to today, He has always wanted a close relationship with us; He wants us to want Him, love Him and choose Him. And that elevates Him far above us humans, we cannot comprehend that because if that was any one of us, we would ensure that we got exactly what we wanted; if we were God we would just “make it so”. We’re that selfish and self-centered.


As humans we try to get what we want by controlling and manipulating people; whether through our words, our silence, or our actions. Our enemy tries to control and manipulate us through fear. BUT GOD… even though He is God and could control us, instead He loves and hopes… hopes for a response… waits for a response… longs for a response… and loves us regardless of our response. He is always after the heart and choice is a matter of each individual’s heart.


When I finally submit to Him and His love has conquered me, then what He wants becomes what I also want. It brings my heart and my actions into line with what He desires; so much so that I no longer even want what I want, instead I want what He wants. You always want to know and do what your Loved One wants, simply because you love them. When we understand God’s “will” to be what God desires, it encourages us to spend time with Him learning to know His heart, so that we can give Him His deepest heart’s desire.


God’s “will” is often thought of in terms of His “will” for your life, or what your “calling” is. Another word for calling is vocation, which is from “vocal”; meaning what you are “called” to. That is significant when you consider that in the Bible we are those who are called out! Our “calling” is to hear the Voice and be called out; out of this world, out of religion, out of Self, out of all substitutes for Christ… and called into Christ. And we’re not called out of the world and into Christ for a vacation, but for a vocation.


Even though Christ is our Rest, this Rest is never passive and vacant, but is occupied and active! With God it seems that there is no such thing as ‘vacancy’ or emptiness; He is always about filling – filling us, filling the earth, filling all things, going forth, movement – fulfilling His Purpose. As His children we are no different! Life is activity; death is inactivity. We ARE to be dead and passive to our Self, but alive and active to Christ!


It is not so much about what we do or don’t do, but about who we are by simply being one with Him and being united in vision and purpose. He is our Career in the sense of being our occupation, pursuit, motivation, profession, and life’s work; not what we do FOR Him, but who we are and what we do BECAUSE of Him, by His Life in us.


Outside the will of God there is nothing than fear and in His will there is nothing to fear. It is my prayer that the will of God will be manifested in you this day and beyond in Jesus name,Amen.


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