IMG-20170412-WA0005GOODNEWS MAGAZINEis a Spirit_filled magazine that seeks to propagate the Gospel of God’s gift of Peace and bring Glad tidings of good things  to all humanity.


Its content cut across the Christian circle which  features articles on ministry, lifestyle, Social issue in the Christian perspective, financial, marriage, Relationship life, reports on the move of God around the world, Christian Spotlight, biographies of  Inspiring personalities. Its thrilling content will inspire your faith, hope and Truth. We at GOODNEW are committed to bring you a word base content that will bless you for ever..!


GOODNEWS PROMINENCE AWARDS is a Christian base awards scheme seeking to inspire, appreciate and honour a new generation of Christians in their  respective field in the vineyard of God.


Join the GOODNEWS team as we introduce to the world this ground breaking initiatives…


Launching!!! Launching!!! Launching!!!


This May @ Takoradi Technical University (TTU campus)




_Inspiring generations_


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