First blog post

Whenever we hear the saying; a journey of a thousand miles begin with a step, we encourage ourselves to start and begin things which would lead us to our various destinations in life, increase our intimacy with God and make us successful as well. To get things done, we need to take action. Unfortunately, in our attempt to get these things done we end up in the land of procrastination and giving up with the idea ‘the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’. To avoid giving up on your aim, even eternally, and to avoid making that aim a noun instead of a verb, follow these simple steps;


1. Reconnect with the present:


The scripture says in Matthew 6:34 that, live a day at a time. Most people find themselves landing in the land of procrastination and giving up as a result of ignoring this important fact. We find ourselves thinking about the future instead of making use of the present things, living in the day as if it were the last day. We think the future has more better things to offer us than today and so we leave everything undone in the name of ‘tomorrow’. It is just some few seconds which make minutes, then the minutes turn to hours, days, weeks, months and years eventually, living us undone or not started.

One thing which reconnects us to the present is the realization that yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never begun. Although finishing is the achievement platform of success, the greatest step is beginning. Snap out of over thinking and start now!

It is my prayer that our Father in heaven will show us the stair way to climb as He teaches us to live a day at a time.



2. Be accountable to others :


One’s life is full of spectators, but in this situation, you are absolutely in charge of choosing those to occupy particular seats in your life. It does not point out to been  partial as the fact remains that each has a role to add up to your life positively or negatively. If you are sure about your ‘ties’, being accountable to others will be no headache.

Being accountable to others requires the act of observing fellowship-the presence of communion. Whenever we set out to start and do something, we find ourselves giving up because we lack the act of fellowship.  Fellowship includes showing concern, having the spirit of restoration one to the other, encouragement, consistency, availability, informality, faithfulness, confession and above all love.

The encouragement you are being offered or give to others alone can prevent them from ending in that giving-up state. You cannot do all by yourself and that is why you need me and I need you. You need to be heard and listened to. You need to be comforted and encouraged. In this way, we reinforce or stimulate our faith in and on God and on our aim. It is the key to spiritual growth and achievement.

It is my prayer that we will be activated, motivated, energized, comforted and encouraged by the Holy Spirit even as we tackle and pursue our aim each day,even eternally, Amen. (Ephesians 3:17-19, Philippians 2:1-8, Galasians 6:2, Hebrews 13:1)


3. Be accountable to yourself :

Life is work. Working it out without  plan is no life and that is why the scripture says in Proverbs 16:3 Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established. Being accountable to yourself requires planning, setting standards, counting the cost, moving in order, stating possible outcomes and achievements, setting principles for oneself and self-compassion( acceptance, appreciation, humour, peace, ease, choice, freedom, clarity, awareness, confidence, affection, etc). It is all about you. You can’t get anything started or done if you ignore this. It is very important to answer to yourself as you constantly check, adjust and remind yourself of your aim in life, ministry, education, business, career amongst others.  Acknowledge your weakness and short-comings, accept your mistakes  and work towards correcting them.  It has to do with encouraging yourself  at that moment you really think nobody is there for you. Yes, take sometime out of the crowd and cross-examine yourself. Go before God in your closet and pour out your heart before Him. The only problem with this is cheating ; as you overlook certain things and judge yourself partially. You can only be accountable to yourself if you uphold to truth.  At the end of the day it is you, yourself and ‘judgement’ James 3:1. After all, you don’t expect your counsellor, mentor, leader, pastor or friend to get your set-plans executed for you. Quit the dishonesty and get focused. Be determined and you shall get there


4. Choose instead of wish:


1 Corinthians 10:23; All things are lawful for me, but not all things are expedient…

At that particular moment when life offers you freedom, acceptance, humour, peace amongst others in ‘diversified ways’, how do you treat yourself with them? Do you misuse these offers or choose which type to build your life with? To get things started and done, one must go beyond mare wish or imagination. The saying to dream instead of doing is foolishness is vivid here once you decide to wish than choose. Your wish list might be long and seam complicated thereby making you confused as to which one to tackle first or next. You can spend years wishing for all the things around because they are lawful and there is a need for them all, but the decisive question is will they edify you? Where will it lead you to?

1 corinthians 3:2; All things are yours.

From the ‘All’ comes the ‘choose’.

One thing that makes us the ‘image of God’ is our ability to choose. To choose is the will power that enables you to make a selection or decide. This helps one to lighten up and shun the fear of taking up a challenge and pressing on.  Whenever you reach that juncture in life, where you need to make a decision, choose. You won’t get drained and be on the edge to procrastinate if you choose. Remember that when you decide to sit and wish it is again your choice.

As a matter of fact, whatever surrounds you is the product of your decisions -your choice . This is why if you cannot change the things around you, change your way around the things. The choice you make today affects you right from the moment you make that choice, therefore choose life ( Deuteronomy 30:19)


5. Focus on the HOW than  IF:


How has to do with asking yourself things like; to what degree or extent, number or amount, in what proportion,  by what measure or quality, for what reason, from what cause, in what state or condition, by what name, designation or title and by what price, whiles if has to do with; supposing, perhaps, indicating possibility or impossibility ,whether to proceed or not- double minded. A double minded person is as good as dead because he is unstable in all his ways ( James 1:8)

To get things started and done concentrate on the knowledge and skill required to do it. Choose to know what manner of way, means and process it requires. Your lifting up your hands to receive Jesus Christ into your life does not end there. Your plans for the business you establishing does not end there. Your final destination in life does not end where you are, now that you have hope-life. One thing that keeps us ‘marking-time’ always is our concentration on ‘if’.


The ‘if’ makes you loose your will power, concentration and the ability to do what you want to do since it sees the dark side of things-a pessimist. You always expect the worse and you receive it because as you think it, so you receive it (Proverbs 23:7). Whenever your attention is drawn away from how to get something done  you loose a blessing- ‘…Blessed are those who are thinking of how to follow Him more closely…Psalm 1:1-2.  Hold your opinion for the best. How accelerates answers while if generates questions, confusions, fear and limits you.

Look at the bright side of things and take hopeful views and steps, only then can you get started and won’t give up nor end in the land of procrastination. Now is the time, awake from the slumber while it is still now and focus on how to please God, how to get eternal life, how to achieve that aim and how to do that…


It is my prayer that even as you start to consider the how’s in this life, may the Sovereign God who’s is the knower of all things give you solutions, answers, guide and lead you through the way you should go and to the very end in Jesus name, Amen.

God bless you be continued